Sarasota Model Yacht Club

Discover the Joy of Remote Control Boat Racing with the Sarasota Model Yacht Club!

Welcome to the Sarasota Model Yacht Club

Founded in Sarasota in 1995, the Sarasota Model Yacht Club (SMYC) offers enthusiasts an exciting platform to enjoy remote control boat racing.

Our Racing Boats

The SMYC sails 5 classes of RC sailboats:

  • DragonForce 65
  • DragonFlite 95
  • AMYA Soling 1 meters
  • RC Lasers
  • IOMs (International One Meter)

Racing Locations

We sail exclusively at Nathan Benderson Park’s West Lake, located at the corner of Honore Ave. and Athletes Dr. in the southwest corner of the park.

Race Schedule

With 5 classes of boats we are racing almost everyday of the week. Please see our website for the most updated schedule.

Beginners Welcome

We heartily welcome sailors of all skill levels, including beginners. To help newcomers learn the ropes, we offer a mentor program that provides helpful guidance and support.


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