Paddler & Rowing Memberships

Nathan Benderson Park is pleased to offer Paddler and Rowing Membership options. With a membership, you will have access to participate in paddler and rowing programs offered at Nathan Benderson Park.  A membership provides you with access to use all equipment and to easily launch on the lake.

Prefer to use your own equipment? You can choose to add a boat storage rack option and have your personal watercraft ready and available to use throughout the year.

Membership Options & Requirements:

Once you have completed the required agreement and waiver, our team will send you a secure link to setup your reoccurring monthly payments. Please note that payments will be automatically charged monthly.

Volunteer Membership Options

For each membership type, we offer a volunteer and non-volunteer option. Should you choose the volunteer option, you will receive a reduction in your membership fee. This reduction is offered based on the commitment that you will provide 20 hours of volunteer time at NBP approved events throughout the year. Should you not fulfill this commitment, the cost difference of the non-volunteer membership and an additional fee will be charged.    Here are a list of qualifying volunteer events. 


Paddling Memberships: 

Dragon Boat Membership:

  • 3 coached practices a week
  • Access to OC 6 (outrigger canoe)

Volunteer: $40.00/month       Non-Volunteer  $55.00/month

All participants must complete Dragon Boat 101 prior to signing up for Membership. Registration must be at least 4 business days before the course.  Click Here to Sign Up for Dragon Boat 101!

OC Membership: Access to organized Outrigger Canoe Sessions that include OC1 and OC6

Volunteer: $40.00/month       Non-Volunteer  $55.00/month


Combination Dragon Boat with OC Membership

Volunteer: $60.00/month       Non-Volunteer  $75.00/month


Outrigger Canoe Storage Fee:  Access to store Single Outrigger Canoe on a rack at Nathan Benderson Park

Volunteer: $30.00/month       Non-Volunteer  $30.00/month


Rowing Memberships: 

Master Membership – Crew:

Volunteer: $85.00/month       Non-Volunteer  $100.00/month


Single Rowing Shell Storage:

Volunteer: $30.00/month       Non-Volunteer  $30.00/month


Double Rowing Shell Storage:

Volunteer: $55.00/month       Non-Volunteer  $55.00/month

Please choose your Membership option below: