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We offer a variety of options for adults (18 and older) interested in getting involved in dragon boat paddling. Whether for fun, exercise, or the thrill of competition, we invite you to join one of our teams. Our practices are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings. Please note that practice times may vary depending on the time of year.

Dragon Boat Racing at NBP


Dragon boat paddling is not just a sport, it’s a celebration of unity and resilience. Stemming from Ancient China, this form of boat racing has evolved into a global phenomenon, binding people together in a spirit of fun, fitness and friendship. The vibrant boats, adorned to resemble dragons, symbolize boldness, courage, power and strength – qualities reflected in every paddler. Push your limits and compete in international events year-round with our dedicated competitive team, or join the recreational team for a more relaxed, pressure-free experience.

Join the sport of legends and begin your dragon boat adventure today:  


Survivors in Sync is a dynamic team of breast cancer survivors who compete in events across the globe. They are more than just a team, but a sisterhood of paddlers on an empowering journey from surviving to thriving. Together, they work to educate the public about breast cancer in a positive, proactive way, serve as role models, and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.


Experience the power of unity and the spirit of resilience with the Warriors, a team of all cancer survivors who have battled life’s toughest challenges and come out stronger. This group is comprised of not only survivors, but champions who compete in national dragon boat races and embody the warrior spirit in every stroke.With each race, the Warriors strive to break personal bests, push limits, and most importantly, prove that there is life – and strength – after cancer.


Our Veterans team welcomes wounded, injured and able veterans to share their bond on the water. Join the team to work together, support one another and experience the joy of dragon boat paddling. It’s a great way to stay active, build new friendships and participate in exciting dragon boat events.


Interested in joining our paddling community? Whether you are a breast cancer survivor, a cancer warrior, a veteran or simply passionate about dragon boating, we have a spot for you on our team.

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