Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission, Vision
and Core Values


SANCA’s vision of Nathan Benderson Park is to serve as a global, innovative, and premier destination that welcomes and connects people, while fostering a healthy, sustainable and safe environment.


To manage and promote Nathan Benderson Park by providing recreational opportunities and facilities for people to enjoy and engage in activities that promote health and enhance the quality of life and environment, and to generate economic impact for our region.

EXCEED EXPECTATIONS: To go from ordinary to extraordinary.
EMBRACE CHANGE: Unlimited thinking creates unlimited possibilities.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: It is all about you.
VARIETY OF OPPORTUNITIES: Something for everyone.
HEALTH & WELLNESS: Provide and promote healthy lifestyle opportunities for our staff and community.
INTEGRITY: Do everything personally and professionally with the highest sense of ethical values.
VALUE PEOPLE: Enable individuals to learn their value to the community through recreational opportunities.  Our staff is our greatest resource and investment for success.
EDUCATE: Help the members of our community learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through the assistance of recreational programs. 
aerial shot of Nathan Benderson Park