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VISION: SANCA’s vision of Nathan Benderson Park is to serve as a global, innovative, and premier destination that welcomes and connects people, while fostering a healthy, sustainable and safe environment.

MISSION: To manage and promote Nathan Benderson Park by providing recreational opportunities and facilities for people to enjoy and engage in activities that promote health and enhance the quality of life and environment, and to generate economic impact for our region.

EXCEED EXPECTATIONS — To go from ordinary to extraordinary
EMBRACE CHANGE — Unlimited thinking creates unlimited possibilities.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION — It is all about you.
VARIETY OF OPPORTUNITIES — Something for everyone.
HEALTH & WELLNESS — Provide and promote healthy lifestyle opportunities for our staff and community.
INTEGRITY — Do everything personally and professionally with the highest sense of ethical values.
VALUE PEOPLE — Enable individuals to learn their value to the community through recreational opportunities.  Our staff is our greatest resource and investment for success.
EDUCATE — Help the members of our community learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through the assistance of recreational programs. 

SANCA will:          
·       Develop and sustain a governance structure that responds and adapts to changing needs of the Park and its visitors.
·       Perpetuate a cooperative, productive, public-private partnership with Sarasota County
·       Develop, implement and promulgate good planning practices for the Park
·       Continuously build a broad-based financial and citizen support to guarantee that Nathan Benderson Park will remain a unique pre-eminent park experience for future generations
·       Prioritize specific proposals for projects that preserve enhance and promote the Park’s individual and collective assets
·       Raise and allocate funds for those select projects
·       Manage and coordinate implementation, operations and maintenance of those select projects
·       Advocate for and on behalf of the park as a whole

SANCA has been charged with marketing Nathan Benderson Park for almost a decade. SANCA will focus on:
·       Building the SANCA brand through all our online, collateral and marketing materials and events.
·       Maximize public support for operations, programming, and enhancement of the park and SANCA’s projects.
·       We will partner to build awareness of the park as a cultural, environmental and athletic tourism destination locally, and out of market.

OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: The organization has achieved a recognized level of excellence in operations, programming, hosting major sport competition attracting all levels of athletes to North America’s premier rowing venue. We work, market, and advocate on behalf and for the long-term benefit of the entire Park and its many stakeholders and users.  Our efforts are strategic and inclusive. We have broad and overarching goals that can only be accomplished through effective collaboration and partnership.

FUNDING: We are funded through a broad range of government, contributed, and earned income sources including events, collegiate and club training, program fees, rent, retail sales  and commissions derived from the operations of the premier rowing facility in North America, the finish tower and park grounds.  We are growing our contributed income donor base, starting with a generous and committed Board of Trustees and the Nathan Benderson Community Park Foundation.

aerial shot of Nathan Benderson Park