Joomla Instructions

Document Key

  • Blue & Bold signifies a specific area/page of the website. After logging in, look for a user menu in the right column of the page(s) for links to these areas.
  • Orangesignifies action words/buttons/clickable links

Section 1: Daily Tasks

1.1 Text changes to existing pages

  • Click page
  • At the top right of the body text, click the edit icon () to edit the article
  • Make text change
  • Double check
  • Preview Changes
  • Press Save or Cancel
  • SAFETY: Click Versions, select Preview, click Use! To revert to this version.

1.2 Add/remove URL link to text

  • Copy destination URL to your clipboard

On The Page

  • Edit page
  • Select text
  • Click link icon in top strip of icons
  • Paste URL into Link URL
  • Determine Target (usually in a new window)
  • Click Insert
  • To remove link, insert cursor in linked text and click break link icon

Section 1: Daily Tasks (Continued)

1.3 Adding Image and Documents to Library

Media Manager

  • Click Media Manager
  • Navigate to the destination folder
  • Click Browse
  • Choose Files
  • Click Start Upload

 1.4 Adding Image to Page

Editing Page

  • Insert cursor at desired point
  • Click on Insert/Edit Image
  • Click on Click on images to preview
  • Set alignment, margin and alternate text
  • Click Insert
    • If adding new image From Computer – Use the Upload Image icon
    • To remove border, click the edit icon when the image is clicked, click
    • In the main window and set Margin to “0”

1.5.1 Adding Page

User Menu

  • Click New Article
  • Type Title
  • Type the page text in the editor.
    • NOTE: When copying and pasting from other programs, use the “Paste as Plain Text” icon to avoid pasting proprietary code from third party programs.
    • Set the Publishing Options:
    • Author (Leave blank to have the article automatically assigned to you.)
    • Status: Published, Unpublished, Archived, Trashed

  • Start and Finish Publishing dates are used for time sensitive publication. Leave blank to immediately publish and leave active until manually updated.
  • Meta Description is the description that will be displayed by search engines.
  • Click Save

Add to Menu

  • Click menu name in the user menu
  • Click New
  • ClickSelect
  • Choose a Page Type from the available options
  • Type aMenu Title
  • Type an alias, this is the page name (i.e. /about-us/)
  • Set the publication options.
  • Click Save & Close

Section 1: Daily Tasks (Continued)

1.5.2 Adding Recipes

Recipes Page

  • Several sample recipes have been created for you to edit.
  • Click Edit icon
  • Edit page text, title description
  • Either set the Status to Published or set the Start Publishing date to have it
    automatically publish at a specific day and time.
  • Click Save

1.6 Modify Existing Menu/Custom Link

User Menu on all pages

  • Click the Menu Link in the User menu
  • Click on the Page Title (i.e. About Us)
  • Edit as required
  • Click Save Save and Close

1.7 Create New Custom Link within existing Menu

Media tab

  • Upload new PDF (See Media Manager)
  • Copy File URL

Menu Manager

  • Click New
  • Click Select (Menu Item Type)
  • Click External URL
  • Paste File URL into Link field in left-hand Details area
  • Add relevant Title
  • Click Save or Save & Close

1.8 Remove Custom Link within existing Menu

Menu Manager

  • Click the name of the Menu
  • To the right of the Menu Item Title, click the Status icon to unpublish the item.
  • Click Down arrow Custom Link requiring removal
  • Click Remove at bottom left-hand corner
  • Click Save Menu located at Menu tabs


1.9 Modify Existing Modules

Module Manager

  • Click Module Manger
  • Click search for the module by name, type or location
    Example: Searching “showcase” will display all of the showcase slideshows.
  • Click on the name of the module to edit
  • Click Save & Close, Close, Save or Cancel

Section 2: Weekly Tasks

2.1 Back-up

Contact Form Submissions

  • Click Contact Form Submissions
  • Review messages. Change status and delete messages as necessary.

Section 3: Monthly Tasks

3.1 Full Back-up

Login to the administrator area of the website and use Components > Akeeba Backup to create a complete website backup. Download the backup to a secure location and delete it from the website.

Section 4: As required

4.1 Plugin/Joomla Updates

Periodically, updates to plugins and the Joomla software is updated and released by the developer.

Upon log-in, Joomla will display information regarding available updates on the Admin Control Panel.

This indicates that an update has been issued and requires action. After performing a full back-up (see 3.1 Full Back-up), click Control Panel tab and click the Update tab to update as required.

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