Dragon Boat Paddling

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Dragon Boat Paddling

Are you competitive?
Do you like being out on the water?
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Dragon Boat 101

Learn the fundamentals of paddling in our Dragon Boat 101 course. Participants will get the basics of the stroke as well as on-the-water experience in the boat! The Dragon Boat 101 fee of $80 gets you 4 practices with the team at a beginning level, to allow you to learn the basics. Classes are offered every month. To register, please drop by our office or sign up here.

“Join one of our teams!” One park, lots of options.

NBP offers several options for adults (18 and older). Whether for fun, for exercise or for competitiveness, we have what you want. Dragon Boat 101 graduates and experienced paddlers are all invited to join.

NBP paddling opportunities

NBP Survivors in Sync: NBP’s Breast Cancer Survivor Team. SIS is a team of breast-cancer survivors that competes in events worldwide. Learn more here.

NBP Dragons Competitive: The NBP Dragons (competitive) compete internationally year-round. If you like a challenge and you want to compete, this is for you! Learn more here.

NBP Dragons Recreational: The perfect option if you’re interested in developing your technique, and improving your health and fitness. Learn more here.

NBP Veterans: Whether wounded, injured or able, brothers in arms become brothers on the water. It’s a way for veterans to be with others who share their experiences. Learn more here. 

Join us today!

In our NBPerks! plans, we offer month-to-month, 6-month, and year-round options to paddle. Learn more here.

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