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Welcome To Nathan Benderson Park

NBP Camps

Nathan Benderson Park offers summer camps and related offerings. Camps are a great way for children to learn new skills, enjoy the park and have fun with friends!

Summer Camps and Related Offerings


Each day, campers will participate in different water sports — kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding! Campers will learn the basics of each discipline and, more important, boating safety. On-land instruction and safety requirements accompany all activities before campers get out on the water, so they obtain the knowledge and safety skills needed. Campers will be issued PFDs for on-water activities.



Archery: Campers will gain experience to become independent, educated, safe archers. All of our camp staff holds at least a Level 1 National Archery Association certification.

Fishing: Learn the essentials of safe fishing! Campers will learn the rod and reel assembly, types of tackle, types of knots, casting, bait, fishing, and boating safety while they’re out on the water.



Enjoy stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing, archery and freshwater fishing. Campers will gain experience to become independent, educated in all disciplines. Campers will learn the rod and reel, tackle, knots, casting, bait, and boating safety. All of our camp staffers hold at least a Level 1 National Archery Association certification. On-land instruction and safety requirements accompany all activities before campers get out on the water, so they obtain the knowledge and safety skills needed. Campers will be issued PFDs for on-water activities.


Specialty Camps

Nathan Benderson Park hosts a variety of speciality camps focused on building skills and confidence on and off the water.



The NBP/Spirit Of America Foundation Safe Boater Education Camp is a unique opportunity for potential boaters ages 10-15 to get both classroom education AND practical experience, at a low price. It will teach youths the lifelong skills of safe sailing, paddling and powerboating, with the ability to confidently teach others. The campers will be able to earn their Florida boating license.
The camp is conducted in partnership with Spirit Of America Foundation, which offers a comprehensive program that also instills confidence and positive, lifelong ambitions, and fosters the spirit of teamwork in youths. This camp starts with classroom time that culminates with the state boater license exam, then moves to a water safety class before hitting the waters at NBP for on-the-water education days in sailboats, paddle craft and power craft.
NOTE: There are off-site visits as part of the camp.

Fee: $200 (scholarships available — no one will be turned away)

2022-23 NBP Camps

More information to come. Please contact programs at 941-358-7275 ext. 5816 or email programs@nathanbendersonpark.org with any questions you may have.


Help us welcome more youths into camp

If you can, consider supporting our scholarship fund for youths who may not otherwise be able to attend our camps.

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How to prepare

  • Please make sure your child has a healthy breakfast prior to arrival at NBP.
  • Apply sunscreen at home and send some with your child so he/she may reapply during the day.
  • Bring sunglasses, a hat and water shoes (or shoes that can get wet)
  • Bring a large bottle of water (We will have the ability to refill water bottles)
  • Bring snacks and, for full-day campers, bring lunch.
  • For designated down time throughout the day, bring a favorite book.

Discounts available

Siblings: Register two children for a week of camp, and recieve 10% off on one week of camp (use code SIB2023)

Limit 1 discount per customer. Discounts apply to both half and full day camps. If your discount code does not apply at check out, we will refund you the appropriate amount. Please contact programs@nathanbendersonpark.org if you encounter any issues with checkout or registration.


Nathan Benderson Park Conservancy Inc. (the Conservancy) is dedicated to promoting and developing Nathan Benderson Park as a healthy, sustainable and safe environment in which people are welcomed and connected. In keeping with this vision, we ask that our customers exhibit appropriate behavior and follow directions while participating in or attending NBP activities. You are the NBP community and help create a culture of inclusion and respect for others by following these simple guidelines:

• Follow the rules of Nathan Benderson Park and county, state and federal laws, statutes and ordinances.
• Show respect for all individuals and property.
• Conduct yourself in a manner that does not interfere with another person’s enjoyment or experience.
• Demonstrate good sportsmanship, as the dignity of others should always be respected.
• Refrain from using foul, offensive, threatening or abusive language.
• As we care about your well-being, do not cause bodily harm to yourself or others, including unwanted bodily contact.
• Help create a safe environment by not behaving in a way that may constitute a danger to yourself or others, or lead to a hostile environment.
• The unlawful carrying or concealment of a weapon, brandishing a weapon or using any object in a threatening manner is prohibited.
• The use or possession of illegal substances at NBP is prohibited.
• Remember to report, and to refrain from, any type of threatening behavior, including harassment, bullying or intimidation.

Procedures for reporting: Any customer observing behavior inconsistent with the spirit of this NBP policy should feel comfortable to report their concerns to the appropriate Conservancy personnel or email programs@nathanbendersonpark.org
The Conservancy reserves the right to deny access to any person who does not follow these guidelines, commits a crime at NBP, is registered as or is currently under investigation for a sex crime against a minor, or who creates an unsafe environment for others.