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Bob Whitford SANCA Operations ManagerRobert "Bob" Whitford

Director of Facilities & Operations

For 23 years, Bob served the Associated Students of California State University, Sacramento, as the Director of Rowing and Facilities Manager at the SAC Aquatic Center. Bob was part of a team that operated a "Boating Instruction and Safety Center" on behalf of the Department of Boating and Waterways on Lake Natoma, a nationally recognized rowing venue.

Contact Bob: or 941-358-7275 ext. 5805.

Bob is a native of Newport Beach, CA, and attended Orange Coast College, the University of California, Berkeley (CAL), and graduated from the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Growing up, Bob and his family lived on a Sea Scout Base, allowing him the opportunity to operate all sorts of watercraft. Bob began his rowing career as a coxswain at the young age of 10. In high school, Bob founded the Newport School Boys rowing program and became an oarsman for the following seven years. He went on to coach some of the top rowing universities in the country, including Long Beach; Stanford; University of California, Irvine; Santa Clara and Sac State University. He was a two-time USA National Sculling coach, once in 1986 and then again in 1987.

In US Rowing, Bob has served two terms on the board of directors and is currently both a chief referee and a coach education clinician. Bob has coached rowers at all levels, but he also enjoys sailing and power boating. Through US Sailing, Bob serves as a powerboat instructor, is certified as playground inspector, and is a recipient of the Clayton Chapman Award, USRowing’s behind-the-scenes award.

Bob's experience as a certified facilities manager has taught him how to create a venue that attracts world-class athletes to participate in championship events. He has had the pleasure to be part of a team that has installed all the waterside facilities for two Olympic Games. He has also worked with Precision Racing, installing a majority of rowing courses in North America. In 2009, Precision Racing developed the first buoyed race course at Benderson.

Bob is the proud husband of Lee Ann Whitford and the father of two children: daughter Alexandra, a current student at Stanford University, and son, Broderick, a freshman at California State University, California.


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